It is with great sadness that
I need to tell you this today...

Dear participant of the Intensive Biblical Finance,

If there's one thing I dislike, it's being the bearer of bad news. But I also don't like being anything less than transparent.

Let your 'yes' be 'yes' and your 'no' be 'no,' as the Christian word says!

So... unfortunately, I have bad news for you today...



The last 10 days have been truly intense.

On Friday, we offered MASTERCLASS 4 of the biggest online finance event for Christians in the world, the Christian Week I Control My Finances.

(If you haven't seen it, stop reading this letter now and click here to watch Class 4 and learn how to start making changes in your financial life right away)

Guys, think about it... over 112 thousand people watched at least some of the videos from this event!
And here I go crazy trying to respond to everyone in the closed Facebook community, which has over 6400 members, and I confess I didn't expect as much participation as we had in this event!

But, you know, all this work is worth it and I'm very grateful to have been blessed by God and be able to share my knowledge and experience through the Word using the digital resources we have at our disposal today.

Even though it's an online event, it's great and I really enjoyed interacting with people in the community and the 6400 members who are still there.

I received emails, messages on social media, Instagram, and even WhatsApp messages :)

But what makes me happiest, even after the free events, is seeing the transformation of so many people who are already taking action and putting into practice what they learned during the Week.

In addition to these people, there are still more reaching out to me on Instagram, WhatsApp, and social media, just waiting for Tuesday to be part of my MENTORSHIP for the COMPLETE I CONTROL MY FINANCES PROGRAM.

And the most incredible thing is that we've already created a Super Interested Group in MENTORSHIP with determined people and a lot of attitude who have already pre-registered and confirmed their intention to be part of the Mentorship for the Complete Program and also enjoy a special condition in the first hours of registration opening.

They are determined to take real action!
Isn't it a blessing?

It is for me!! :)

It truly is priceless for me! It's my passion and my calling to be able to contribute and help in the financial transformation of each of my mentees... Each one who can sleep peacefully again because they've eliminated financial problems, each family restored because they no longer have financial issues, each dream come true. because now people know HOW to do it and how to invest ;)

I feel a great sense of satisfaction, I feel happy and very fulfilled.

Simply hearing and reading all these messages fills me with energy to continue this work with the love in Christ that I have for all who accompany me.

It's your opportunity to keep learning with me and change your financial life this year by putting into practice the step-by-step of my method, but now with the complete and straight-to-the-point strategy of the FULL PROGRAM I CONTROL MY FINANCES.

However, I must warn you that the number of registrations is very LIMITED.
(only a portion of the people on the super interested list will get a spot)

At the time of writing this letter, there are people who have already decided to enroll who are in one of the super interested groups.

And I don't have space for most of these people.

In this class, we will have fierce competition for vacancies.

This means that only a portion of the super interested will get a spot.

It breaks my heart to know that so many people will be left out.

But I want to encourage you to keep your faith and do your part, okay?

Spots are limited because my team and I provide exclusive follow-up to the mentees, you know?

And you can't serve thousands and thousands at the same time. It's just not possible.

So, I have the vacancies counted here, which is the number of people that my team and I know we can attend to and MENTOR with quality...

And with that comes the BAD NEWS...

Only the most determined, the ones who act the fastest, will get a spot.

Another thing I need you to understand: the COMPLETE PROGRAM I CONTROL MY FINANCES is for people who are committed to changing their financial lives, obeying God in their financial lives, and having their finances under control, making money surplus and investing to realize dreams.

If you have that desire, then yes!!

You are a candidate to be one of the students in my mentorship of the COMPLETE PROGRAM I CONTROL MY FINANCES.

It's because I enjoy working with ACTION people.

Simply because they don't make excuses when they want results, and that's great because they start making money quickly, have their finances under control, and soon take their finances to the next level.

And this is pure fuel for me to continue gathering success stories for the glory of God!"

My team and I will help you navigate this path and take your financial life in 2024 to the next level ;)

So, if you don't know yet, look:

Since Thursday, I've been creating a VIP group for super interested individuals, BEFORE officially opening registration for the MENTORSHIP program the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, 07/16/2024.

The super interested group is for those determined for mentorship...
It's a group for people who are already determined to pay the price to transform their financial lives from now on.

And it's exactly in this group that, up to now, individuals have joined.

This waiting list is being created in this NEW WhatsApp group that I created just for this.

I created this new group precisely to separate the determined ones from those who haven't yet decided to join the program.

If you want to be a part and have a better chance of being among the first, and still ensure a special condition in the early hours of registration, be a part of this group and click the button below to join the VIP group of Super Interested individuals.
(Make sure you've actually joined the group, okay?)

There won't be room for everyone!
Click here to increase your chances of getting a spot and securing a special condition in the early hours:

The interested individuals will receive a WhatsApp message in the group with a registration link, 1 hour before the official opening of the MENTORSHIP.

Then, on Tuesday 16th, early in the morning, the VIPs will find a video where I explain in detail how the course works, prices, payment options, deadlines, and guarantees.

Most of this information is already available to you on this website

Important information: we had people from all over the world and even from the 21 English-speaking countries participating in the Christian Week I Control My Finances and thousands of people showed interest in participating, which means that the SPOTS are much more disputed in this class.

I want to give all the support that my students need. I did this in the previous groups and I will do it again.

This is one of the great secrets of the excellent transformations that my students have had so far.

The number of registrations is very limited.

As I said before, I do this so that my team and I can give 100% attention to this new group.

That's why only a part of the people who are in the group of super interested will get their place in the MENTORSHIP!

And as I got excited about how much God has blessed this project...

I have decided to hold a SPECIAL CLOSING CLASS tomorrow, Monday at 8pm (New York time), where I will reveal an important secret.

The SECRET of this class will NOT be recorded!

I wouldn't forgive myself if I missed out on this secret! And only those who are with me live during the class will know this secret.


And in addition to this secret that only those who are with me live this Monday will know, I decided to give more gifts...

There will be 8 gifts in reality...

There is just one detail: keep in mind that these gifts will only be available on the first day of registration, the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16th, from 8 am to 8 pm.

Take a look at just 2 of these 8 gifts that are 100% free below:

I've prepared a training for ENTREPRENEURS to help you make your business thrive based on the principles you'll learn in the MENTORING.

You'll have access to an incredible training that will be taught by one of the senior mentors and founders of Cristiano Rico.

If you don't have time for anything or want to have more focus to use your time on what really generates results,

this training will solve your life in time management topics!

You'll discover the other 5 gifts only in the video that will be released in the WhatsApp group this Monday...

But I can tell you that when you register for the Complete Program I Control My Finances, you'll receive a bonus equivalent to USD$1200 in other trainings and classes like these 3 gifts I mentioned here.

Now, if you're ready to compete for a spot in the COMPLETE PROGRAM I CONTROL MY FINANCES, you need to pay attention within the WhatsApp VIP Group.

How to apply?

The day after tomorrow, Tuesday, July 16th, I'll send you a link and a video where I explain everything about the I CONTROL MY FINANCES PROGRAM there in the WhatsApp group. All very detailed.

Then, below the video there will be a button that will take you to a payment page. Simple as that.

On the payment page, you'll have 3 options...

1) Cash on credit card.

2) If you wish to pay with 2 credit cards, you can also do so.

3) Payment via bank transfer (option USA only)

Once the registration is completed, I'll send you an email with a username and password so you can immediately access the 1st module of the I CONTROL MY FINANCES COMPLETE PROGRAM and start solving your financial life once and for all.

So I'll see you on this side! Inside the MENTORING!

God bless you,

Dr. Thaila Campos

P.S.: The 4 Classes and the documentary will be available until this morning.

So, you only have today to watch and review as many times as you want.

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