This is Dr. Thaila. I'm very excited to see that you are now part of the English Group of the Complete Program I Control My Finances!

I imagine your anxiety might be high right now...

But I would like to reassure you and invite you to take a deep breath and celebrate!

The hardest part of your transformation, which is joining the program, you've already accomplished it.

Registrations are now closed. The class is full and you are part of this chosen group that will begin to change their financial life in 2024.

Now you are officially part of the Rich Christian Ministry family that I care so much about.

I want to leave below some basic information that will help guide you on this journey of transformation that starts now.

1) Welcome and Students Orientation

Throughout this week, our welcoming team will be 100% dedicated to contacting each of the program's students. We want to ensure that everyone is warmly welcomed and able to access their classroom (https://icontrolmyfinances.club.hotmart.com ). We also want to ensure that everyone has joined the students closed community of Complete Program.

If you are already part of the community, please watch the video below.

If you cannot access the video, it is either because you haven't requested to join the Facebook Community of the Complete Program I Control My Finances or your request is still pending approval. Do not worry! Our team is working intensively to get you into the community and to grant you access to everything, okay?

Approvals are manual and may take a little time since our team checks them one by one, and only one profile per student is accepted.

When requesting to join the community, make sure to enter the same email address you used when enrolling.

This whole process is necessary to guarantee the security and exclusivity of all students participating in this class of the mentoring program.

This closed community is very important for your development, and I will explain everything about its operation in our Inaugural Class, which will be this Monday at 12 pm (New York time).

2) Inaugural Class

Our Inaugural Class will be this Monday, June 3th, at 12pm (New York time), so you can mark it on your calendar.

If you have another commitment or appointment at that time, don't worry because the class will be recorded and available for you to watch and review as many times as you want.

3) 1st Group Mentoring Session

Our first group mentoring session will be on Tuesday, June 4th, at 12pm (New York time).

This session will be held on a special application, Zoom, so that I can see the faces of all participants, and I'll explain more about this during the Inaugural Class on Monday.

If you have another commitment or appointment at that time, don't worry because all our mentoring sessions will also be recorded and available for you to watch and review as many times as you want.

4) The 2 great exclusive opportunities for Mentees


5) Classes from Module 1 now available

For didactic reasons, we will publish 1 module per week so that you have enough time to put everything into practice.

Remember that just watching the class will not promote your transformation. What transforms you is the practice of the step-by-step process revealed within the classes, okay?
Therefore, it's important not to skip any classes and to do all the exercises in sequence.

The shorter classes are subtitled in English to ensure full attention to these very important videos.

The longer classes, which will be the mentoring sessions and all the training parts, will be in spoken English.

Important tip: When you're in a class that proposes an exercise, don't be tempted to move on to the next class before completing the proposed exercise.

Module 1 is now available for you to watch and start learning how to organize your finances. This module has 16 very practical mini-classes with exercises for you to start applying them.

The debt route is the most comprehensive one; if you choose another route, you will find a smaller number of mini-classes in this first module, depending on the chosen route.

If you have doubts about which route to take, I suggest you take the route for those in debt since it is the most comprehensive and covers almost all others.

If you have debts or commitments, it is mandatory that you follow route 1 - for those in debt.

7) Access to the Online Classroom

Access to the Online Classroom

If you're unsure how to access the online classroom, follow these steps:

1) Click on the following button:

2) Click on LOGIN

3) LOGIN - Enter your email address (the same one you used when purchasing the course 

4) PASSWORD - Enter your password (the same one that was sent to your email from Hotmart when you made the purchase)

8) If you don't remember your password or if you haven't received your password to access the online classroom

FOLLOW the STEP BY STEP I'm going to leave you below


Enter your email address - the same one you used when purchasing the course.

Click on FORGOT MY PASSWORD, and the system will automatically send you an email to create a new password.

9) Technical Support for Access

For technical support related to accessing the course or any other operational difficulties, please click the link below to call our WhatsApp support:

10) Email Communication

To communicate with our team via email, please use [email protected]
I wish for God to bless you on this journey of transformation, which depends 50% on you (the student) and 50% on me (the mentor).

Rest assured that I will give 150% of my 50% to ensure that you have your finances under control forever.

See you at the inaugural class!

Be at peace!

Dr. Thaila Campos
Your financial life mentor